Spring Party Decorating Ideas : Home Decorating And Painting

Spring Party Decorating Ideas

spring party decorating ideas

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I've been tagged........thanks to Colleen!

I've been tagged........thanks to Colleen!

Hmmm, 10 things about me....
1. I live in Indio, Ca., which is the Palm Springs area. The weather is always sunny, people flock here in winter to escape the snow, as our weather is perfect. Summer however, is HOT! :-)
2. I am originally from Wichita, Ks., but consider California "home"
3. I LOVE food!! Mexican (the spicier, the better), Italian, Chinese....I like most everything - I would rather have chips and salsa than sweets (except Haagen Dazs ice cream)
4. I don't really cook, although I do grill a pretty good steak :-)
5. I love to decorate, and watch waay too much HGTV
6. I make gift baskets, and have done some party planning, not enough to call it my career, though-I wish :-)
7. I play golf....if I could play every day, that would be great!!
8. Love to dance...used to be a disco queen (at least in my own mind, lol)
9. I'm a cat-a-holic....not by design, but they showed up, and I always say "If they show up, I will take care of them" Thank goodness I moved!!! LOL
10. Last, but not least-I joined Flickr a year ago, and had no idea that I would meet so many wonderful people that I now call my friends....Thank you!!

spring party decorating ideas

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